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We will introduce some of the production results.
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Compatible SNS


Please join us from Orient Timing. We will create an optimal original plan that will lead to solving clients' problems with zero scratches.

Strength ①

Original planning power

There are many staff with excellent writing and editing skills. From postings for young people using stories to long-term regulatory affairs, we can respond to any genre.
Please leave the interview coverage.

Strength ②
Writing & SNS operational ability

As an external partner, there are a cameraman, a design office, and a commercial production company who are in charge of the HDY group since its establishment. Various creatives can be produced.

Strength ③
Creative ability

We also handle campaign design, website creation, webPR, and influencer measures. Also, user response and monitoring,
Detailed report creation is also possible.

Strength ④
+α correspondence

Responsible company performance


Apparel and sports brands

Nike Japan, Teva Japan, Crocs Japan, Coleman Japan, Asics, Accinet Japan, Titleist, Bridgestone Sports, Ralph Lauren

Car/electronic device/house maker

Honda Motor Co., LIXIL "Official", "LIXIL Cultural Activities", Epson, Omron, Sony Marketing Japan, Samsung, Philips Japan, Panasonic, Casio

Local Government/Government

Ministry of Finance, Wakayama City, California Almond Association, Tokyo Shiga Kenjinkai, Tokyo, JA Osaka, Okinawa


Mizuho Bank, Mastercard, Saison Automobile Fire Insurance


Adobe Systems, Amazon Japan, Wacom, KDDI


Yamazaki Bread, Lion, Okinawa Family Mart, Daiichi Sankyo Health Care, Star Japan, Kirin Brewery, Kadoya Oil, Taisho Pharmaceutical, Life Sake, Asahi Beverage, Glico, Novels, Taiyuki Pharmaceutical, Suntory, Kirin Diageo

Service infrastructure

Yukai Resort, Jupiter Telecom, Yamato Transport


Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Asahi Shimbun, Shueisha, Deagostini

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